Welcome to web4u!

After making your website we will help you to maintain your website yourself and make editorial work with WordPress independently.

We are pleased to offer you the option of such a short WordPress training.

Spectrum: Webdesign with WordPress and Yola. Programming: Ajax, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, PHP and SQL. Facebook cover design, flyer design postcard, icon design, business card design, design of logo and banner, translations German-French-English, creative training, artwork.

We are two professionals with complementary skills. My partner studied information technology at a university in England and specializes in programming and customization of WordPress (e.g. automation of routine tasks).  He is bilingual in English / German and the inventor of the plugin “Ajaxify”, which we can offer you optionally as well.

My field is the artistic specification and design of the site in general  (e.g. selection of colors and fonts that harmonize with the logo and the banner and are suitable for the company). I am happy to craft a special logo or banner for you. A special technique of mine is the combination of analogue and digital work.

I also work as a creativity trainer and would like to include  that service in the design of your website. For smaller sites, I can translate any texts you like into German and French. Through my training at the school for interpreters I am also capable of leading foreign language correspondence.

Start-Ups and professionals are welcome to join us!